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Fabio Cappellini
Fabio Cappellini

Fabio Cappellini began photographing in 1980, out of sheer creative passion…

….often combines photography with his other great passion: writing.
From this union they were born many travel reports, and surveys on various periodicals, as well as a Photo Book dedicated to the architecture of Giovanni Michelucci.
He works as a correspondent from Italy with a Balkan weekly.
Thanks to his professional experience, gained over decades as a responsible image, press secretary, advertising and marketing in the automotive sector, is able to combine this preparation, with their creativity and experience as a photographer: content marketing, copywriters, and marketing strategies, corporate bloggers are some of the figures covering.
He writes of Anthropology, History and Philosophy of foreign and Italian newspapers.
He has published in various anthologies Stories and poems, a short story: “The watchmaker philosophy” is becoming a comic book, thanks to cartoonist Yu Arieta, Fabio is enlarging and integrating it, to turn it into a novel.
He realized in collaboration with “Studio Matteotti Agliana Pistoia, fine art prints on high-quality media and in print runs (very) limited all certified Digigraphie.

September 10
Born in Pistoia

Municipality of Pistoia Piazza del Duomo, collective photographic
Photographer and editor for the culture section of “La Vigna” magazine for training and information (Among the many reports published in social background, even the portraits of Pietro Ingrao, Vannino Chiti, Dom Helder Camara, Arch.Leonardo Benevolent, etc etc).

Editor for the magazine Politics “Riformismo oggi”

Official photographer (Unic) of the rock contest “Emergenza Rock”, Tuscany Regional final at the Teatro Tenda in Florence and the European Final in PalaTrussardi, Milan

Group exhibition in the halls of the municipality of Agliana (PT)

Group exhibition at the polispazio “Hellana” Agliana (PT)

Realization of the photographic section in the book: “L’Ala dell’angelo” dedicated to the works of the architect Giovanni Michelucci, published by Morgana Edizioni, Florence

Exposure image of “the Angel Wing” In the premises of the Villa Groppoli in Pistoia, in the context of “Ottobreuropa” Patronage of the Province and the municipality of Pistoia

publication of photos taken from ” angel’s wing “newspaper” La Nazione “and” Il Tirreno ”

From 1999 to 2010
graphic design, various images and written for online magazines and websites:,,,, etc etc

“Viaggiare con Bisaccia e penna” for Lieto Colle and the Region Lazio, a tale of the collection read by Walter Corda in the final evening of “Roma si Libra” on stage shows the Piazza del Popolo in Rome

Realization of various travel reportages and photo shoots fashion by freelance for magazines and catalogs
Lecturer in technical workshops and creativity in photography to assocult “Crisopea”

Began producing prints Fine art of their photos with certified low print runs.

Began working with PHOTOGEM of Ravenna, one of the best European printers of fine art photography.

January 11 to 24
Group exhibition at the Caffè  Letterario in Roma (three great  panels  of “Ghosts” series.)

from January start of personal section in online contemporary art gallery Saatchi ,with some images of “Ghosts” series

Reportage: “Tirana”, he began working with the cultural magazine in Albania “Fenix Post” , Tirana.

May 24 to 26, Photo-accredited journalist to “Dialoghi sull’uomo”, cultural event that takes place in Pistoia, some in next years , for the magazine “Fenix post”.

In ​​”Kalòs Festival”, in Vescovana (PD), with sponsorship of the Veneto Region and the Province of Padua, a solo show by Fabio Cappellini with 15 images of the series “Concepts” June 21 to 27.

Bi-personal with the photographer Paola Mischiatti, Fabio exposes 12 pictures in the series “Concepts” in Museorfeo gallery in  Bologna, September 20 to 30.
Finalist for the award in 2013 Nocivelli prix
final stage with exposure of ‘work “Bee-evolution” in Verolanuova, Brescia.

Start official  collaboration as  correspondent from Italy with Weekly “Fenix post”

folco quilici

Interview with Stefano Rodotà
Interview with Alain Caillé
Portrait of Serge Latouche
Interview and Portrait with italian writer Erri De Luca
Portrait of Tony Wheleer (Founder of Lonely planet)
2015 – 2016
From February 15 to 28 “Instagrammatica” Photo Exhibition at Museorfeo Home Gallery in Bologna
Two photos, in collective  exhibition  at “Spazio Tadini” , Milano

Instagrammatica 14                                       © Fabio Cappellini

Start  collaboration with “100 Pagine” online magazine
Interview and portrait with Ferdinando Scianna

Ferdinando Scianna  © Fabio Cappellini

Interview with Marc Augé
Interview and portrait with  Aldo Cibic
Interviews and portraits with Lilian Thuram
Interview and portrait Father Renato Kizito Sesana
Interview with Nichi Vendola
Interview and portrait with Gianni Berengo Gardin

Gianni Berengo Gardin   © Fabio Cappellini

Interview with Marco Tardelli
Portrait of  Vinicio Capossela
Portrait of Paolo Rumiz
Portrait  of Maurizio Gelli ( Chief of Ladysound Hi-Fi )
Portrait of  Giandomenico Anellino
Portrait of  Max Laudadio
Start photographic research “Iconografia  2018”


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Fabio Cappellini With Ferdinando Scianna.